Mimaki JV400-130LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M801469 Y drive belt 160 LX
1 M801472 Y drive belt 130 LX
2 M400160 Belt holder 1
3 M400284 Black screw for belt
5 M503786 Belt holder S
6 M400161 Belt holder
8 M502708 D bracket U
9 MM-000179 O-ring P-9
10 M006891 Y drive pulley assy.
11 150S2M380G Belt with cleaning teeth
12 M514503 D BKT 200
13 MM-000032 Cable clamp UL CKS-07-H
14 F607ZZ Bearing
15 M514699 YM top plate TM
16 M207264 YM stud 200
17 M514504 Y motor BKT 200
18 M801448 Belt tension SP
19 M202666 DM pulley
21 E300882 DC motor encoder
22 MP-M012378 Y-axis motor assy. 33
24 M202842 Y-T fulcrum pin
25 M514700 Y-T base 200
26 M510408 Y-T pulley bracket 30
27 M800569 Y spring
28 M510620 Y spring plate 30
30 M006977 Y-T pulley assy.
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