Mimaki JV400-130LX


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 M514751 Rear cover flame R
3 M514687 PC cartridge base BKT
4 MM-000033 Cable clamp UL CKS-07-L
5 M514717 KB BKT
6 M514991 KB BKT D
7 MM-000039 Cable clamp UL CKS-16-L
8 MM-000673 One touch bushing TB-1116
9 MM-000902 Locking edge saddle EDS-0704L-VO
11 MP-D3M-01K1-3 Micro switch
12 M602228 Switch cover
13 TL-295-2 Magnet catch
14 E106950 Cover sensor junction cable assy.
15 E106843 Cover sensor R cable assy.
16 M514508 S side plate R
17 M514509 Extend flame 160
17 M514803 Extend flame 130
18 M514510 Extend flame base plate 160
19 M514744 P side plate R 2
20 M514747 Y cover flame R
21 M514495 P side plate R 1
23 TK-24 Rubber foot
24 M400350 Y bar block
25 MM-000037 Cable clamp UL CKS-13-L
27 MP-OJ-6505-N2 Photo-interrupter
28 E106818 S sensor cable assy.
29 M514753 CL sensor BKT
30 M514754 Tank stopper
31 M400284 Black screw for belt
32 M514689 Wiring BKT
33 M514716 Front cover flame R
34 MM-001162 One touch bushing TB-0813
35 M514688 Maintenance switch cover
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