Kyocera DP7100


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We only help you to create your parts list for request from your suppliers.

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 303R702010 BASE DP 3R702010
2 303M424190 HOLDER LEFT PULLEY 3M424190
3 303M824200 SHAFT PULLEY 3M824200
4 303M824210 PULLEY CONVEYING BK 3M824210
5 302H008140 SPRING BYPASSFFED 2H008140
6 303M824121 HOLDER RIGHT PULLEY 3M824121
7 303NA06110 SPRING PICK UP 3NA06110
8 303R704050 COVER LEFT 3R704050
9 303M824160 GUIDE RIGHT READING 3M824160
10 303J902370 CUSHION ORIGINAL MAT 3J902370
11 303M802320 SPONGE ORIGINAL MAT A 3M802320
12 303P202010 SPONGE MAT 3P202010
13 302KA28040 SPRING SOL 2KA28040
15 303R702050 MOUNT CUSHION 3R702050
16 303R702020 HINGE LEFT 3R702020
17 303R702030 STAY HINGE 3R702030
18 303R702040 STAY BASE LOWER 3R702040
19 303R702100 TRAY SLIDE 3R702100
20 303R702110 STOPPER EJECT 3R702110
21 303JX02090 SPRING PUSH SW 3JX02090
22 303LL02150 HOLDER SPRING PUSH SW 3LL02150
23 303LL02390 PUSH SW 3LL02390
24 303M802150 SHAFT HINGE 3M802150
25 303R702070 HINGE RIGHT BASE 3R702070
26 303R702080 HINGE RIGHT MOUNT 3R702080
27 303R702130 SPRING HINGE RIGHT 3R702130
28 5MVX111DN003 RING STOPPER /A-49 FEED A4 2A806250
29 303R728020 SHAFT EJECT PULLEY 3R728020
30 303J906031 SPRING SEPARATION 3J906031
31 3HK10030 PULLEY EJECT 3HK10030
32 303R702140 SHEET SHIFT PULLEY 3R702140
33 303R724120 SHEET LEFT GUIDE 3R724120
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