Jean LaserJet Managed MFP E82550dn

DCF main
DCF main

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC60-00078A Machinery, fastener screw
2 JC90-01649A DCF, sub-takeaway (right door)
3 6009-001665 Hex screw
4 JC93-01135A Feed drive opt
5 JC93-01063C Drive pickup assembly
6 JC90-01652A Cassette, fifth
7 JC90-01654A Cassette, fourth
8 JC90-01680A DCF second pickup
9 JC90-01679A DCF first pickup
10 6602-003185 Timing belt
14 JC90-01677A DCF, sub-auto closing
ns JC93-01092A Rollers - pick, feed, sep
ns 0604-001490 Photo-interrupter
ns JC66-00977A Clutch one way
ns JC67-00455A Coupler, torque limiter
ns JC93-01435A SF left cassette rail assembly
ns JC93-01045A SF right cassette rail assembly
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