HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640du

Drive system
Drive system

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC93-01059C Main drive assembly
2 JC93-01065B Toner drive
3 JC93-01064A Fuser drive exit
4 JC93-01062A Feed drive
5 JC93-01063C Pickup drive
6 JC93-01068A Engage T1
7 JC93-01070A Drive, Toner Collection Unit
8 JC93-01061A Registration drive
1-1 JC93-01048B Main drive
1-2 JC31-00123D Motor, bldc
2-1 0604-001393 Photo-interrupter
2-2 JC31-00110A Step motor, circuit
3-1 JC31-00123B Motor, bldc
3-2 JC93-01084A Drive motor, step alienation
3-3 6602-001581 Timing belt
4-1 JC31-00132A Step motor, ip
4-2 JC47-00037A Electric clutch
4-3 6602-001730 Timing gear belt
5-1 JC93-01083A Drive motor, step
6-1 JC31-00110B Step motor, circuit
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