HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640du

Flow ADF main frame (GX/sGX)
Flow ADF main frame (GX/sGX)

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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
5 JC97-04656B Scan in lower asembly - GX/sGX
7 0609-001558 Contact image sensor - GX/sGX
8 JC97-04681A Drive release pickup - GX/sGX
12 JC97-04680A Motor, feed drive - GX/sGX
13 JC97-04640A Hinge L - GX/sGX
14 JC97-04641A Hinge R - GX/sGX
16 JC61-07694A Motor, ADF fan
17 JC31-00168A Fan - GX/sGX (CIS)
19 JC97-04679A Drive - GX/sGX
20 JC31-00177A Step motor, ip
21 JC31-00146A Fan type 4 ADF GX/sGX
23 JC97-04668B Input tray - GX/sGX
26 JC97-04687A White roller - GX/sGX
27 JC97-04830A Scan out - GX/sGX
29 JC97-04682A Motor, drive release scan
36 6602-001730 Timing belt gear - GX/sGX
ns JC92-02967A PCA - ADF receiver (GX only)
ns JC92-02966A PCA - ADF transmitter (GX only)
1-1 JC97-04915A Separation roller assembly - GX/sGX
1-2 JC97-04652A Cover, separation roller - GX/sGX
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