HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640du


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Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 JC95-02109A Front cover
2 JC95-02110A Inner cover front
4 JC63-02105A Right middle cover
5 JC63-04861B Front cover, lower
6 JC63-05635A Middle left cover
7 JC95-02101A Cover, exit
9 JC63-05587A Scan left cover
10 JC63-05638A Left cover, upper
11 JC63-04840B Cover, exit rear
14 JC63-05571A Scan right cover
16 JC63-04847C Right cover, front
17 JC95-02102A Right cover, rear
18 JC95-02117A Cover, lower rear
19 JC63-05633A Rear cover, upper
21 JC63-04863B Rear cover, dummy
22 JC63-04859C Rear scan cover
22 JC63-04859D Rear scan cover (du model only)
24 JC95-02100A Left cover
25 JC63-04862B Left cover, top
26 JC63-05639A Cover, control panel bottom
27 JC63-05640A Cover, control panel top
ns JC63-04916B Cover, upper right door
ns JC61-04626A Strap, front cover
ns JC41-00964A PCA, sub USB Host
ns JC92-02969A PCA, front power switch
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