Zebra 90XiIII

Error Codes List page 5

  • Code: 25
  • Display:
  • Description: Missing LCD characters or parts of characters.
  • Causes: LCD may need replacing.
  • Remedy: Run Power-On Self Test and check that LCD displays all characters.
  • Code: 26
  • Display:
  • Description: ZPL sent to printer but not recognized. Buffer light remains on or flashes.
  • Causes: Communications parameters are incorrect. Prefix and delimiter characters set in printer do not match those used in ZPL. Zebra protocol is on.
  • Remedy: Print communications diagnostic label. Check for format or overrun errors. Reset communication parameters. Set characters in the printer to match ZPL format. If problem continues, check ZPL format for changed CC, CT, and CD. Set protocol to none.
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