Ricoh Aficio 2013F

Error Codes List page 13

  • Code: 981
  • Description: NVRAM error
    The machine detects a discrepancy in the NVRAM write/read data when attempting to save actual data to the NVRAM (i.e. during actual use).
  • Causes: • NVRAM defective • Poor connection between BICU and NVRAM • NVRAM is not connected • BICU defective
  • Code: 982
  • Description: Localization error
    The localization settings in the nonvolatile ROM and RAM are different
  • Causes: • First machine start after the NVRAM is replaced • Incorrect localization setting • NVRAM defective
  • Code: 984
  • Description: Print image transfer error
    Print images are not transferred.
  • Causes: • Controller defective • BICU board defective • Poor connection between controller and BICU
  • Code: 990
  • Description: Software performance error
    The software attempted to perform an unexpected operation.
  • Causes: • Software defective • Internal parameter incorrect • Insufficient working memory • When this SC occurs, the file name, address, and data will be stored in NVRAM. This information can be checked by using SP7-403. Note the above data and the situation in which this SC occurs. Then report the data and conditions to your technical control center.
  • Code: 991
  • Description: Software continuity error
    The software attempted to perform an unexpected operation. However, unlike SC990, the object of the error is continuity of the software.
  • Causes: • No operation required. This SC code does not appear on the panel, and is only logged.
  • Code: 992
  • Description: Unexpected Software Error
    Software encountered an unexpected operation not defined under any SC code.
  • Causes: • Software defective • An error undetectable by any other SC code occurred
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