Panasonic KXMB2000

Error Codes List page 1

  • Code: -
  • Display: Carriage error
  • Description: • There is something wrong with the carriage sensor.
  • Code: -
  • Display: Low temp.
  • Description: • The inside of the unit is extremely cold and cannot be operated. Use the unit in a warmer area. While the unit cannot be operated, the received documents are temporarily stored into the memory, and will be printed out automatically when the unit warms up.
  • Code: -
  • Display: Modem error
  • Description: • There is something wrong with the unit’s modem.
  • Code: 01
  • Display: Call service 1
  • Description: • Polygon motor error.
    Polygon motor inside the LSU does not rotate.
  • Code: 02
  • Display: Call service 2
  • Description: • Laser beam error. Replace LSU unit.
    Synchronous signal out of the LSU cannot be detected.
  • Code: 03
  • Display: Call service 3
  • Description: • Fuser unit cannot heat up. Replace fuser unit.
    Temperature of the fuser does not rise up to or exceed a constant temperature.
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