Error Codes List page 11

  • Code: 908
  • Display: Service call 908:Error
  • Description: A low temperature error (below [environmental temperature minus 10]°C) of frame thermistor detected.
  • Causes: Does error reoccur?
  • Remedy: Turn power ON again. Replace the fuser unit.
  • Code: F0C, F0D, FFE, FFF
  • Display: Power off/on 203:Error 204:Error 207:Error 208:Error 210:Error ~ 214:Error F0C:Error F0D:Error(C5400 only) FFE:Error(C5400 only) FFF:Error
  • Description: An error was detected of the CU program. (203~214 is not occure in usual operating.)
  • Causes: Reinstall the CU board. Is the error message displayed again?
  • Remedy: After turn power OFF, check connections between CU board and PU board. Then turn power ON again.
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