OKI B721

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  • Code: 042, 043, 045
  • Description: Flash File System Error
    Failed access to Flash set directly on PU/CU board.
  • Remedy: Run forced initialization of Flash.(Note that NIC- F/W and Mac address is deleted.After the initialization,it is need to download NIC-F/W and / or Mac address by Maintenance utility.)Press"+”,"- ”,"CAN-CEL”to turn power ON . Replace the PU/CU board if symptom does not change.
  • Code: 049
  • Description: LED head type (resolution) error
    LED Head type was mismatched with CU and Engine.
  • Remedy: 1) Replace the PU/ CU board with the one for the proper head. 2) Replace with a head of proper resolution.
  • Code: 051
  • Description: CU Fan Error Abnormal CPU cooling fan on PU/ CU board.
  • Remedy: Connect Properly. Replace fan. Replace the PU/ CU board.
  • Code: 052
  • Description: DMA Abort Error detected in Image processor.
  • Remedy: Power Off/On. Replace the PU/ CU board.
  • Code: 067
  • Description: SleepMode Interface Monitor I/F error with CU F/W.
  • Remedy: Power Off/On. Replace the PU/ CU board.
  • Code: 069
  • Description: The NIC device had not worked correctly.
  • Remedy: Power Off/On Replace the PU/ CU board.
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