Canon iPF PRO 2000

Error Codes List page 35

  • Code: EC59 3003
  • Description: Wireless LAN hardware error (support number : 6911)
  • Causes: The wireless LAN device is physically broken.
  • Remedy: 1 Check the WIRELESS LAN PCB UNIT flexible cable connection Proper connection Replace the WIRELESS LAN PCB UNIT. Improper connection Connect the flexible cable.
  • Code: FF0000 2E3F
  • Description: Paper feeding failure (support number : 1300)
  • Causes: Paper jam occurs.
  • Remedy: 1 Release the release lever. Reload the paper. (Remove left paper pieces and check the top edge of the paper.) The error is removed Complete. The error is not removed Go to 2. 2 Replace the following parts from the top and check if the error is removed after each replacement. • ROLL PAPER FEED SENSOR UNIT. • HARNESS ASS’Y, RLNIP PF SNS. • PAPER ENTRY SENSOR. • DRIVE NIP ARM UNIT. • MULTI SENSOR UNIT. Adjustment and counter reset is necessary. • ACTIVE ROLL BRAKE UNIT. Adjustment and counter reset is necessary. 3 Check other suspected cause. • Media related cause (size, media type mismatch, paper turn-up at the top edge) • Curly end edge of the roll paper• Avoid the paper with strong stiffness or heavy roll paper.
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