Lexmark C524n

Customer replaceable units (CRUs)
Customer replaceable units (CRUs)

We do not sell these spare parts!
We only help you to create your parts list for request from your suppliers.

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X1400 Fuser assembly, 115 V, C52x
1 40X1402 Fuser assembly, 230 V, C52x
1 40X1403 Fuser assembly, 100 V, C52x
1 40X3569 Fuser assembly, 115 V, C53x (also can be used in C52x)
1 40X3570 Fuser assembly, 230 V, C53x (also can be used in C52x)
1 40X3571 Fuser assembly, 100 V, C53x (also can be used in C52x)
2 40X3607 Pick arm roll
3 40X1439 Option tray assembly, 500-sheet option (includes tray), C522n/C524/C524n/C524dn
3 40X3600 Option tray assembly, 550-sheet option (includes tray), C532n/C532dn/C534n/C534dn
4 40X1423 Tray assembly, 500-sheet, C522n/C524/C524n/C524dn
4 40X3595 Tray assembly, 550-sheet, C532n/C532dn/C534n/C534dn
5 40X1404 MPF paper tray assembly, 250-sheet, C524/C524n/C524dn
5 40X1424 Paper tray assembly, single feeder, C520n/C522n
5 40X3599 MPF paper tray assembly, 250-sheet, C530dn/C532dn/C534dn
5 40X3596 Paper tray assembly, single feeder, C532n, C534n
6 40X1401 Transfer belt assembly, C52x
6 40X3572 Transfer belt assembly, C53x
NS 40X0297 Power cordUSA, Canada, Bolivia, Peru
NS 40X0288 Power cordArgentina
NS 40X0296 Power cordAustralia, New Zealand
NS 40X0278 Power cordAustria, Belgium, Catalan, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom
NS 40X0286 Power cordHong Kong, Ireland, United Kingdom
NS 40X3611 Power cordBrazil
NS 40X0287 Power cordChile, Uruguay
NS 40X0282 Power cordChina
NS 40X0279 Power cordDenmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
NS 40X0275 Power cordIsrael
NS 40X3609 Power cordJapan
NS 40X0280 Power cordKorea
NS 40X0276 Power cordSouth Africa
NS 40X0274 Power cordSwitzerland
NS 40X3610 Power cordTaiwan
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