HP LaserJet 4L

Error Codes List page 1

  • Code: 01
  • Image:
  • Description: Paper Out
  • Remedy: The paper cassette is empty or missing.
    The paper cassette is seated incorrectly.
    The paper out flag PS2 is broken or stuck.
    The DC controller PCA is defective.
    Tray is empty.
    – Add paper to Tray then press[Go] to continue.
  • Code: 02
  • Image:
  • Description: Printer Open
  • Remedy: Part of the top door that pushes the plunger down is broken. The top door switch (plunger assembly) is broken.
    The printer door is open.
    – Check that the toner cartridge is fully seated and that the cover is firmly closed. A DC power supply malfunction or DC controller malfunction occurred.
    Tab is missing on the top cover; replace the tab.
  • Code: 03
  • Image:
  • Description: Paper Jam
  • Remedy: The rear door of the printer is open.
    The flags/sensors are stuck or broken.
    There are paper fragments under the oblique rollers (top or front).
    – Remove the rollers and clear out the paper. The transfer roller guide is not seated.
  • Code: 04
  • Image:
  • Description: 21 Print Overrun
  • Remedy: There is too much data or the data is too complex.
    – Reduce the complexity of the print job.
    The print job is too complex.
    – Turn Image Adapt and Page Protect to On or Auto. (This can be set within the HP Explorer remote control panel.)
    There is not enough memory.
    – Add the optional memory module.
  • Code: 05
  • Image:
  • Description: Service Error
  • Remedy: When all four lights are on, a service error is indicated. Press and hold the front panel button to display the error code. The code will be shown only while the button is pressed. The following pictures show the possible error codes.
    NOTE: If all four lights remain on, yet no error code is displayed when pressing the button, power cycle the printer. If the condition persists, replace the formatter PCA.
  • Code: 06
  • Image:
  • Description: 50 Error/Service
  • Remedy: A temporary error has occurred.
    – Turn the printer off for 20 minutes to clear the temporary 50 Error.
    The power is low or unstable (for example, in a brownout).
    – Locate and verify a stable power source.
    The fuser is improperly seated.
    The fuser is defective.
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