Canon iR3300

  • Code: E805-0001
  • Description: The clock signal is absent for 5 sec or more after the fan drive signal has been generated. The detail codes of the fans in question are as follows:
    developing fan (FM1)
  • Causes: The fan wiring is faulty (short circuit, open circuit). The fan is faulty. The DC controller PCB is faulty.
  • Remedy: 1. Foreign matter Is there foreign matter that prevents the rotation of the fan? YES: Remove the foreign matter. 2. Wiring, Connector Are the wiring and connector of the fan normal? Developing fan (FM1): DC controller PCB (J302B) Fixing fan (FM2): DC controller PCB (J308B) Curl reducing fan (FM4): DC controller PCB (J311B) Curl reducing fan (FM5): DC controller PCB (J311B) Electrical unit fan (FM3): main controller PCB (J1028) NO: Correct the wiring and the connection. 3. Fan, DC controller PCB Try replacing the fan. Is the problem corrected? YES: End. NO: Replace the DC controller PCB.
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