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Error Codes > Canon > iR3300  
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Canon iR3300 Trouble Error Codes List. page 1 from 8
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Code Description
E000-0000 The reading of the main thermistor does not reach 30C 1 sec after the main power switch is turned on. Or, it does not reach 70oC 2 sec thereafter
E001-0000 The main thermistor detects 250C or higher
E001-0001 The main thermistor or the sub thermistor detects overheating (hardware circuit detection)
E001-0002 The sub thermistor detects about 295C or higher
E002-0000 The temperature of the fixing film is as follows:
has exceeded 100C, but does not reach 115C within 1 sec thereafter. has exceeded 140C, but does not reach 150C within 1 sec thereafter. has exceeded 160C, but does not reach 165C within 1 sec thereafter
E003-0000 The main thermistor reading is lower than 140C when paper is moved
E003-0001 Low fixing temperature detection after standby (by sub thermistor)
E007-0000 An error in the rotation of the fixing film is detected.
The reading of the main thermistor is 100C or higher and, in addition, the fixing film sensor does not detect the rotation of the film for 6 sec or more while the fixing motor is driven
E010-0000 After the main motor drive signal is generated, the clock signal does to arrive within 1.3 sec
E014-000 After the fixing motor drive signal is generated, the clock signal does not arrive within 1.3 sec
E019-0000 The waste toner case is full of waste toner
E032-0001 The DA unit connection is disconnected (after connection).
E051-0000 At start-up, home position is not detected when the horizontal registration assembly is moved 100 mm in the direction of home position
E064-0000 The presence of a high-voltage error is communicated by the composite power supply PCB (The output for primary charging, developing, or transfer has deviated from a specific level of voltage)
E100-0001 The BD signal is not detected 10 times or more within 10 msec in 5 msec after the generation of the laser drive signal