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Covers (FS-4020DN/3920DN)
Covers (FS-4020DN/3920DN)
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 302J105060 COVER LCD PWB 2J105060
2 7YBEJ0J0D001H01 FERRITE CORE (FS-4020DN) YB045400
3 302J294010 KEY BOARD ASSY(E) SP (FS-4020DN) 2J294010
3 302J194020 KEY BOARD ASSY(E) SP (FS-3920DN) 2J194020
4 302F904170 SPONGE COVER TOP 2F904170
5 302F904180 SHEET ATTACHMENT 2F904180
6 302F934100 LABEL INSTALL DLP 2F934100
7 302J034010 LABEL JAM OPERATION 2J034010
8 302J104040 COVER FRONT 2J104040
9 302F904140 HNGE SIDE 2F904140
10 302J004060 COVER LEFT 2J004060
11 302J004070 COVER SIDE 2J004070
12 302J004080 COVER RIGHT 2J004080
13 302J004090 COVER CONTROLLER 2J004090
14 302J004110 SPONGE A FAN L 80 2J004110
15 302J004120 SPONGE B FAN L 80 2J004120
16 302J104030 L D TOP B 2J104030
17 302J104050 STOPPER FD 2J104050
18 302J104060 COVER CABLE 2J104060
19 7YZM420003++H01 ACCESS.BAND YZ052580
A01 302J194040 COVER TOP ASSY SP 2J194040
A02 302J294020 LID TOP ASSY SP (FS-4020DN) 2J294020
A02 302J194030 LID TOP ASSY SP (FS-3920DN) 2J194030

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