Ricoh IMC2000

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Ricoh IMC2000

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Ricoh IMC2000, IMC2500, IMC3000, IMC3500, IMC4500, IMC5500, IMC6000
Service Program Mode
  • Make sure that the data-in LED ( ) is not on before you go into the SP mode. This LED indicates that some data is coming to the machine. When the LED is on, wait for the copier to process the data.
  • The Service Program Mode is for use by service representatives only. If this mode is used by anyone other than service representatives for any reason, data might be deleted or settings might be changed. In such case, product quality cannot be guaranteed any more.
If there are no Classic Application (copy/printer/scanner/fax) icons on the HOME screen, follow
the procedure below to display the number keyboard.
  1. Press and hold the button (A) located at the left side of the operation panel and "Check Status (B)" at the same time, until the number keyboard is displayed.
  2. Enter the key code for SP mode.
Press "Exit" on the LCD twice to return to the copy window.

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