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Process unit
Process unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 XEBSD30P10000 Screw(3x10)
2 CHLDZ0035RS51 MC holder unit MC
3 UCLEZ0009QSZ1 Cleaning blade
4 CFRM-0021RS61 Process sub unit (Other Countries)
5 PSEL-0130QSZZ Seal R R
6 PSEL-0129QSZZ Seal F F
9 NCPL-0003QSZZ Screw coupling
12 LHLDZ0098QSZ2 Pawl holder (Japan,SRS,SRSSC,Indonesia)
12 LHLDZ0045QSZZ Starling holder (Except Japan,SRS,SRSSC,Indonesia)
13 LX-WZ0329FCZZ Washer (Except Japan,SRS,SRSSC,Indonesia) CRU p
14 LX-RZ0001QSZZ Starling(5)
16 PRNGF0106FCZ2 Starling N2 (Japan,SRS,SRSSC,Indonesia) N2
18 NBRGP0299FCZZ CL bearing(M5) CL
19 NSFTZ0020QSZZ Transport screw
20 PMLT-0018QSZ1 Transport screw cushion
21 PCAPH0009QSZZ Toner pipe cap
22 NSFTZ0019QSZZ Transport pipe screw
23 PSPAZ0696FCZZ P cap spacer P
24 PPIPP0005QSZZ Toner pipe
25 NGERH0039QSZZ Transport pipe gear(14T)
26 MSPRC0045QSZZ Toner pipe spring
27 PSHT-0004QSZ1 Toner pipe shutter
28 NGERH0036QSZZ Transport screw gear(30T)
29 NGERH0038QSZZ Transport pipe gear(15T)
30 NGERH0037QSZZ Idle gear(26T)
31 LFIX-0007QSZ1 Drum fixing plate B B
32 PCOVP0093QSZZ Drum cover
35 PSHEP0135QSZ1 MC guide sheet R MC R
501 CFRM-0021RS6D Process frame unit (Other Countries)

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