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Middle frame unit
Middle frame unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 XEPSD23P12000 Screw(2.3x12)
2 CSW-M0007RS55 Inter lock switch unit
3 NCPL-0007QSZ1 Hopper coupling
4 MSPRC0024QSZZ Hopper spring
5 RMOTD0035QSZZ Toner motor
6 XEBSD30P10000 Screw(3x10)
8 DHAI-0322QSZZ DEV harness DEV
9 XBPSC30P06ES0 Screw(3x6ES)
10 CHAI-0109RS52 GB-MCFB harness unit GB-MCFB
11 CHAI-0107RS52 MC harness unit MC
12 MSPRD0104QSZZ HV terminal spring (case) [q ( )
13 MSPRD0103QSZZ HV terminal spring (grid) [q ( )
14 MSPRD0102QSZZ HV terminal spring [q ( )
15 LHLDZ0038QSZ1 High voltage terminal holder [q
16 XEBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
18 XEBSD30P10000 Screw(3x10)
21 LHLDZ0039QSZZ High voltage terminal holder TC [q TC
22 LPLTM0067QSZZ TC terminal plate TC [q
23 XEBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
24 DHAI-0106QSZ2 BC harness BC
25 DHAI-0108QSZ1 TC harness TC
26 MSPRC0278QSZZ PS pressure spring PS
27 XRESP40-06000 E type ring E
28 NSFTZ0021QSZ1 PS roller shaft PS ]
29 NKOM-0001QSZZ PS collar(12) PS
30 MSPRD0139QSZZ PS earth spring PS
31 XEBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
33 LBOSZ1508FCZZ Cam boss A2 A2
34 PPIPP0174FCZZ Pipe C C
35 MSPRC0106QSZZ PS clutch spring PS
36 XPSSJ20-07000 Spring pin(2-7)
37 NGERH0062QSZZ Clutch gear(32T)
38 NBRGC0018QSZZ Bearing E E
39 XRESP60-08000 E type ring E
40 NROLP0032QSZ2 PS trnsport roller PS
41 JKNBZ0010QSZZ PS knob PS
42 XBPSD30P10KS0 Screw(3x10KS)
46 LFRM-0024QSZ3 Middle frame
47 LPINS0301FCZZ DV guide pin (AB series) DV
47 LPINS0300FCZZ DV guide pin (Inch series) DV
49 PSHEZ0056QSZZ PS rear guide sheet PS
51 LANGT0003QSZ1 SRU fixing angle SRU t
52 XHBS230P06000 Screw(3x6)
53 TCAUH0018QSZZ Laser caution label (Japan only)
53 TCAUH0007QSZZ Laser caution label (Other Countries)
54 LBNDJ0013FCZ1 Cable band (Except Japan)
55 LPLTM0149QSZZ Connector fixing plate (Except Japan) t
56 LX-BZ0020QSZZ Screw (Except Japan) i
57 DHAI-0333QSZZ SRU harness (Except Japan) SRU
60 LSTPP0014QSZZ Right door stopper E
61 MSPRD0298QSZZ Stopper spring
62 LHLDZ0099QSZZ Stopper holder
63 DHAI-0321QSZZ LSU harness LSU
64 XEPSD30P14X00 Screw(3x14)
65 XHBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
66 LX-WZ0198FCZZ Poly slider(T0.13)
67 LX-WZ1003HCZZ Poly slider(T0.5)

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