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Side door unit
Side door unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 GDOR-0004QSZZ Right door E
2 LRALP0004QSZ2 Right door rail E
3 XHBSD30P10000 Screw(310)
4 LPLTM0092QSZZ Rail reinforce plate
5 XHBSD30P14000 Screw(3x14)
6 LPLTM0091QSZZ Inner reinforce plate R R
7 XEBSD30P10000 Screw(3x10)
8 LPLTM0090QSZZ Inner reinforce plate F F
9 MSPRC0085QSZZ TC case GND spring TC GND
10 LFRM-0016QSZ4 Right door inner N E N
11 XHBSD30P16000 Screw(3x16)
13 MSPRC0084QSZ1 BC I/F spring BC pd
14 MSPRC0083QSZ1 TC I/F spring TC pd
15 LHLDZ0033QSZ1 TC terminal I/F holder TC [qp
16 MSPRC0082QSZ1 Pressure spring ]p
21 NROLP0036QSZZ DUP transport roller [AR-M205] DUP
22 LBSHZ0303FCZZ M bushing C [AR-M205] M C
23 XRESP40-06000 E type ring [AR-M205] E
24 XPSSJ20-07000 Spring pin(2-7) [AR-M205]
25 NGERH0074QSZZ DUP roller driving gear [AR-M205] DUP
26 LPLTM0102QSZZ DUP roller earth plate [AR-M205] DUP
27 MSPRT0141GCA1 FU PSV spring [AR-M205] FU-PSV
28 NROLP1122FCZZ PS upper roller [AR-M205] PS
31 MSPRC0319QSZZ Right door knob spring E
32 JKNBZ0008QSZZ Right door knob E
901 CDOR-0004RS51 Side door unit(Without No.16,18) [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] (No.16,18 )
901 CDOR-0004RS52 Side door unit(Without No.16,18) [AR-M205] (No.16,18 )

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