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TC case unit
TC case unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 XEBSE30P08000 Screw(3x8)
2 PGIDH0118QSZZ TC front guide TC O
3 PSHEP0050QSZ1 TC sheet TC
5 PSHEP0051QSZZ TC cover sheet F TC F
6 LHLDZ0030QSZZ TC holder F TC F
7 DWIR-0466CSZZ Charger wire
8 MSPRT0513FCZ1 MC tension spring MC
9 PSHEP0052QSZZ TC cover sheet R TC R
10 LHLDZ0032QSZZ TC holder R TC R
11 QSLP-0009QSZZ TC electrode plate TC d
12 PCASZ0013QSZZ TC case TC
13 LHLDZ0031QSZ3 Discharge holder d
14 QSLP-0008QSZZ BC electrode plate BC d
16 PGIDM0032QSZZ Separator guide
17 XEBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
19 PSHEZ0125QSZZ Discharger delivery sheet dr
20 PSHEZ0434QSZZ TC case sheet TC
21 DUNTK0233QSZZ Resistor unit transfer R]
22 XBPSC30P06K00 Screw(3x6K)
23 PSHEZ0435QSZZ Guide sheet
24 PSPAZ0040QSZZ Front guide spacer O

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