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Delivery frame unit
Delivery frame unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 XEBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
2 GCOV-0049QSZ1 Delivery front side cover rO
3 CPWBF0129QSE1 Delivery interface PWB rp
6 NROLM0103QSZZ Delivery roller C r C
7 MSPRT0229GCAZ FU spring R FU R
8 NROLP0034QSZZ Delivery roller r]
9 NKOM-0002QSZZ Delivery collar r
11 PBRSR0009QSZ1 Discharge brush [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] d
11 PBRSR0005QSZZ Discharge brush [AR-M205] d
12 XRESP50-06000 E type ring E
13 NBRGC0529FCZZ Bearing
14 LPLTM0100QSZ1 Delivery earth plate B r B
15 NBRGY2122SCZZ Transport roller bearing 1 1
16 LHLDZ0040QSZ2 Delivery roller holder r]
28 MLEVP0106QSZZ Delivery actuator r
29 CPWBF0147QSE2 Duplex/P-out sensor PWB DUP/P-OUT
30 MSPRD0143QSZ1 Delivery earth spring A r A
31 NPLYZ0030QSZZ Delivery pulley [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] r
31 NGERH0063QSZZ Delivery drive gear(30T) [AR-M205] r
32 LPINS0258FCZZ Spring pin(3-8)
33 NBRGC0019QSZZ Bearing(6)
34 XRESP40-06000 E type ring [AR-M205] E
35 NGERH0070QSZZ DUP delivery R gear(20T) [AR-M205] DUP r R
36 XPSSJ20-10000 Spring pin(2-10) [AR-M205]
37 NBRGY2122SCZZ Transport roller bearing 1 [AR-M205] 1
38 NROLP0038QSZZ DUP delivery roller [AR-M205] DUP r
39 LFRM-0027QSZ2 Delivery frame r -
40 PFILZ0004QSZZ Ozone filter [AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-M205/AR-5220]
40 PFILZ0008QSZZ Ozone filter 20 [AR-200M] 20
41 PMLT-0027QSZZ Cleaning fan cushion -
42 XEBSD20P06000 Screw(2x6)
43 NFANP0009QSZZ Cooling fan -
44 PDUC-0003QSZ1 Cleaning fan duct
45 PGIDM0062QSZ1 Delivery upper paper guide 20 r 20
46 NROLP1122FCZZ PS upper roller [AR-M205] PS
47 PGIDM0040QSZ2 Delivery lower paper guide[AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-M205/AR-5220] r
47 PGIDM0063QSZ1 Delivery lower paper guide 20 [AR-200M] r 20
48 MSPRT0229GCAZ FU spring R [AR-M205] FU R
50 XEBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
51 CSFTZ0023QS02 Shiftier shaft
52 MSPRD0144QSZZ Delivery earth spring B r B
53 XRESP40-06000 E type ring E
54 LSTPP0003QSZ1 Shiftier stopper
55 MSPRT0107QSZZ Shiftier return spring A
56 NGERH0067QSZZ Shiftier gear(24T)
57 NGERH0068QSZ1 Shiftier gear(50T)
58 CPLTM0075QS01 Shiftier drive plate
59 RMOTS0040QSZZ Shiftier motor
60 XHBSF30P05000 Screw(3x5)
61 CPWBF0147QSE3 Shifter HP sensor PWB HP
62 XRESP30-06000 E type ring E
64 DHAI-0325QSZZ Delivery tray unit harness r
71 NROLP0104QSZZ Delivery roller r]
72 LHLDW0086QSZZ Holder
73 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
74 LBNDJ0013FCZ1 Cable band
75 PSHEZ0446QSZZ Delivery sheet r
901 CFRM-0027RS74 Delivery frame unit SIMP [AR-200M] r SIMP
901 CFRM-0027RS72 Delivery frame unit SIMP [AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] r SIMP
901 CFRM-0027RS73 Delivery frame unit DUP [AR-M205] r DUP

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