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Base plate unit 2
Base plate unit 2
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 LSOU-0036QSZZ Delivery tray
2 GCAB-0069QSZZ Delivery rear cover
3 XEBSE40P10000 Screw(4x10)
6 NFANP0010QSZZ PS fan
8 RDENC0010QS12 Low voltage power supply unit (100V series)
8 RDENC0010QSZZ Low voltage power supply unit (120V series)
8 RDENC0010QS13 Low voltage power supply unit (127V series)
8 RDENC0010QS11 Low voltage power supply unit (230V series)
9 DUNTK0347RSZZ AC switch unit
10 XBPSD30P08KS0 Screw(3x8KS)
11 RDENC0008QS11 High voltage power supply unit
12 LPLTM0082QSZ7 PS PWB fixing plate
13 XHBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
14 LFRM-0067QSZZ Corner frame FL
15 XEBSD40P12000 Screw(4x12)
16 LFRM-0068QSZZ Corner frame RL
17 XBPSN40P06K00 Screw(46K)
18 QPLGA0001QCZZ 3Pin plug(16A/250V) (Special Country)
18 QPLGA0003QCZZ Plug(13A/250V) (SRS/SRSSC,Indonesia)
18 PHOG-1023CCZZ Plug protector (South Africa,India,SRH)
18 QPLGA4171CCZZ Plug (South Africa,India)
18 QPLGA0009QCZZ Plug(220V) (SRH)
18 QPLGA0002QCZZ Plug(125V) (Saudi Arabia)
18 QACCJR614QCPZ AC cord(100V)
18 QACCDR614QCPZ AC cord(120V)
18 QACCER624QCPZ AC cord(230V) (Europe,Lebanon,Iran,Nigeria,West Africa,Algeria,Egypt,Jordan,Syria,Tunisia,Morocco,STCL)
18 QACCBR421QCPZ AC cord(230V) (U.Kingdom, Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Oman,Qatar.Lebanon,Kuwait,UAE)
18 QACCR7421QCZZ AC cord(10A/250V) [AR-5220(LAG4)]
18 DHAI-0167QSZZ AC cord(127V) (Saudi Arabia)
21 LPLTM0308QSZZ Corner frame reinforce plate
22 GDAI-0002QSE1 Base plate
23 LFRM-0025QSZ3 Corner flame FR
24 LPLTM0099QSZ2 Corner frame R reinforce plate
25 LFRM-0026QSZ2 Corner frame RR RR
26 XHBSD30P14000 Screw(3x14)
27 XEBSD30P10000 Screw(3x10)
28 LX-BZ0700FCZZ Screw(4x12) [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
29 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
30 CPLTM0071QS02 Drive joint plate [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] A
31 LPLTM0347QSZZ Net box fixing plate NET BOX t
32 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8) [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
33 LX-BZ0031QSZZ Screw Zp
34 LANGT0014QSZZ MCU PWB fixing plate MCU PWB t
35 LX-BZ0750FCZZ Screw(3x6)
36 NBLTT0007QSZZ Delivery roller drive belt [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] r
37 CPWBX0128QS34 MCU PWB [AR-200M] MCU
37 CPWBX0128QS36 MCU PWB [AR-160M] MCU
37 CPWBX0128QS31 MCU PWB [AR-M160] MCU
37 CPWBX0128QS32 MCU PWB [AR-M205] MCU
40 LPLTM0307QSZZ Delevery left cover r
41 LPLTM0309QSZZ Optical adjustment plate w
42 LX-BZ0039QSZZ Screw(4x10)
43 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8) [AR-M205]
46 XEBSD30P18000 Screw(3x18) (200V series)
47 XWSSD30-07000 Washer (200V series)
48 XWHSD30-05080 Washer (200V series)
49 QTANN0015FCZZ 3P terminal base (200V series) 3P [q
50 DHAI-0140QSZ1 AC harness (200V series) AC
51 QSW-C9293QCZZ Dry AC switch (Japan only) AC
52 DHAI-0320QSZZ PS harness PS
53 LFIX-0016FCZZ AC cord holder AC C
54 XEPSD40P30000 Screw(4x30)
55 XEBSD40P12000 Screw(4x12)
56 XWSSD40-10000 Washer
57 XWHSD40-08100 Washer
58 DHAI-0328QSZZ GDI-MCU harness GDI-MCU
59 XEBSD30P06000 Screw(3x6)
60 LPLTM0310QSZZ MCU fixing plate MCU t
61 LPLTM0306QSZZ Optical reinforce plate w
64 PSHEZ0135QSZZ Driving plate sheet [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
65 XWHSD40-08100 Washer [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
66 XEBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
67 PSHEZ0421QSZZ MCU edge protect sheet MCU
68 CSW-M0007RS55 Inter lock switch unit
69 PSHEZ0408QSZZ Interlock switch maintenance sheet
71 XBPSD20P09000 Screw(2x9)
72 XWHSD20-04043 Washer
73 PSHEZ0109QSZZ Optical base plate bottom myler B w B
75 DHAI-0342QSZZ CCD harness CCD
76 RCORF0018QSZZ Ferrite core
77 PDUC-0006QSZZ Duct
101 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
102 RMOTS0042QSZZ DUP motor [AR-M205] DUP
103 CPLTM0073QS01 DUP motor fixing plate ASSY [AR-M205] DUP t ASSY
104 NBRGC0529FCZZ Bearing [AR-M205]
105 NGERH0065QSZZ Gear(21-28T) [AR-M205]
106 NGERH0064QSZZ Gear pulley(40T24T) [AR-M205]
107 XRESP40-06000 E type ring [AR-M205] E
108 NGERH0075QSZZ Gear(20T) [AR-M205]
109 NPLYZ0011QSZZ Pulley [AR-M205]
110 NBLTT0009QSZZ DUP driving belt(134) [AR-M205] DUP
111 NBLTT0008QSZZ DUP roller driving belt [AR-M205] DUP
112 NPLYZ0008QSZZ Pulley(S2M20T) [AR-M205]
113 PSHEZ0065QSZZ Pulley flange sheet [AR-M205]
114 MSPRC1315FCZ1 Clutch spring A [AR-M205] A
115 XRESP40-06000 E type ring [AR-M205] E
116 NGERH0066QSZZ Gear(17T) [AR-M205]
118 CPLTM0103QS01 DUP driving idle plate ASSY [AR-M205] DUP ASSY
120 LHLDZ0110QSZZ Connector holder
121 DHAI-0403QSZZ NWAC I/F 1 harness NWAC p 1
123 DHAI-0340QSZZ DHSW harness (Japan only) DHSW
501 CDENC0010RS53 Power supply unit(Without No.122,123)(100V series)
501 CDENC0010RS51 Power supply unit(Without No.122,123)(120V series)
502 DUNT-0341RSZZ Corner frame RR unit [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] RR
502 DUNT-0342RSZZ Corner frame RR unit [AR-M205] RR

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