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Main driving unit
Main driving unit
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 PGIDM0104QSZZ Harness guide -
2 XHBSD30P08000 Screw(3x8)
3 DHAI-0110QSZ1 HL harness HL
5 DHAI-0323QSZZ Main motor harness
6 XBBSD40P08000 Screw(4x8)
7 RMOTP0044QSPZ Main motor
8 PTME-0032QSZZ Roller pawl
9 MSPRC1318FCZ1 Spring B B
10 RPLU-0009QSZ1 Solenoid CSA CSA
11 LPLTM0048QSZZ Drive earth plate
12 XRESP40-06000 E type ring [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] E
13 LX-WZ0002QSZZ PO belt washer [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] PO
14 NGERH0053QSZZ Gear(25/18T) [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
15 PTME-0012QSZZ PS clutch pawl PS
16 RPLU-0008QSZ1 Solenoid PS PS
17 XBBSD30P04000 Screw(3x4)
18 CPLTM0047QS02 Main drive plate SIMP [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] SIMP
18 CPLTM0047QS03 Main drive plate DUP [AR-M205] DUP
19 NGERH0010QSZZ Gear(28T)
20 NGERH0009QSZZ Gear(46/16T)
21 NGERH0014QSZZ Gear(30/15T)
22 NGERH0011QSZZ MG gear MG
23 MSPRC2132FCZ1 MG roller spring MG
24 NCPL-0004FCZZ Coupling B B
25 NGERH0052QSZZ Gear(38/18T)
26 NGERH0007QSZZ Gear(68/26T)
27 NGERH0057QSZZ Gear(41T)
28 NGERH0008QSZ3 Gear(55/19T)
29 NGERH0059QSZZ Gear(23/27T)
30 NGERH0012QSZZ Gear(20T)
31 NGERH0058QSZZ Gear(21/17T)
32 NGERH0013QSZZ Gear(31/17T)
33 NGERH0016QSZZ Coupling gear(34T)
34 MSPRC0081QSZZ HT ratchet spring HT
35 NGERH0055QSZZ Ratchet gear(44T)
36 NGERH0056QSZZ Ratchet gear(33T)
37 LX-WZ0314FCZZ Poly slider
38 NGERH0054QSZZ Gear(33/20T)
40 QCNCM0999FCZZ I/F connector p
501 CGERH0011RS51 MG gear unit MG
502 CPLTM0047RS76 Driving sub unit [AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220]
502 CPLTM0047RS77 Driving sub unit [AR-M205]
901 CPLTM0047RS56 Driving unit(Without No.5)[AR-200M/AR-160M/AR-M160/AR-5220] (No.5 )
901 CPLTM0047RS57 Driving unit(Without No.5) [AR-M205] (No.5 )

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