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Main and feed drive
Main and feed drive
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X9164 Main drive assembly
2 40X9564 Motor (developer)
3 40X9163 Motor (transport)
4 40X9166 Duplex transport clutch
5 40X9165 Transport motor gear
6 40X9725 Duplex transport clutch gear
7 40X9173 Feed motor belt
8 40X9170 Motor (feed)
9 40X9171 Motor (registration)
10 40X9726 Feed motor gear
11 40X9174 Feed drive belt
12 40X9727 Feed drive assembly
13 40X9170 Motor (tray 2 transport)
14 40X9639 Tray 2 transport drive belt
15 40X9728 Tray 2 transport drive assembly

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