Lexmark MS911 Parts Catalog page 32 from 73

Exit 1
Exit 1
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X9167 Redrive exit guide
2 40X9313 Sensor (redrive exit)
3 40X9644 Redrive exit sensor cable
4 40X9714 Redrive exit sensor actuator
5 40X9042 HPT bin paper bail
6 40X9313 Sensor (exit)
7 40X9599 Exit sensor cable
8 40X9484 Exit sensor actuator
9 40X8974 Standard bin paper bail
10 40X8895 Exit sensor housing
11 40X9156 Exit clutch belt
12 40X9724 Redrive belt
13 40X9155 Motor (redrive)
14 40X8859 Paper exit fan

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