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Covers 1
Covers 1
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X9924 Standard bin
2 40X8901 Tray empty board cable
3 40X9758 Tray empty board mount
4 40X8903 Tray 1 empty indicator
5 40X8902 Tray empty board cover
6 40X8903 Tray 2 empty indicator
7 40X8904 Front lower cover
8 40X9962 Screwdriver
9 40X9760 Bottom front door
10 40X8905 Photoconductor cleaner
11 40X9761 Bottom front door hinge
12 40X8900 Top front door
13 40X8906 Top front door outer hinge
14 40X9917 Top front door inner hinge
15 40X8898 Left cover
16 40X8899 Rear left cover
17 40X8897 Standard bin base

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