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Paper tray
Paper tray
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X7712 MPF feeder solenoid
2 40X7600 MPF pick roller
3 40X7601 MPF feed roller flange
4 40X7742 550-sheet tray
4 40X8153 250-sheet tray
5 40X7713 Separator roller assembly
6 40X7598 MPF feeder lift plate with cable
7 40X7593 Pick roller assembly
8 40X7591 Media feeder
9 40X8541 Media size actuator
10 40X7599 Media aligner roller with MPF pick roller
11 40X7592 Interrupt sensor Sensor (media empty)
12 40X7592 Interrupt sensor Sensor (pick roller position)

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