Lexmark M5160 Parts Catalog page 4 from 21

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X7694 LVPS (universal)
2 40X7685 Toner level / imaging unit high voltage contact
3 40X7688 Input sensor cable
4 40X7578 HVPS
5 40X7686 Sensor (toner density) Includes shutter and cable
6 40X7606 Transfer roller right arm
7 40X7699 HVPS/toner cartridge fan cable
8 40X7582 Transfer roller
9 40X7605 Transfer roller left arm with cable
10 40X8365 Printhead access cover
11 40X7607 Sensor (input)
12 40X7693 Sensor (control panel interlock) Includes bracket and cable
13 40X7570 Controller board (2.4 display printers only)
13 40X7571 Controller board (4.3 tilting display printers only)
13 40X7572 Controller board (7 tilting display printers only)
14 40X7722 Controller board access shield
15 40X7692 Toner cartridge smart chip contact with cable
16 40X8034 Option card cover plate
17 40X7691 Sensor (standard bin full) with output bin guide
18 40X7689 Imaging unit smart chip contact with cable
19 40X7707 Printhead power cable
20 40X7708 Printhead video cable
21 40X7597 Laser printhead (quad diode) (belt fuser printers only) Includes data and power cables
21 40X8481 Laser printhead (dual diode) (hot roller fuser printers only)Includes data and power cables
22 40X7592 Interrupt sensor sensor (rear door interlock)

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