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Staple finisher option 2
Staple finisher option 2
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X8212 Tamper drive belt
2 40X8209 Media stack flap (right)
3 40X8217 Sensor (bin full send)
4 40X8223 Stapler carriage assembly
5 40X8225 Stapler door close limit switch
6 40X7592 Sensor (cartridge door interlock)
7 40X8216 Stapler right cover
8 40X8215 Stapler cartridge access door
9 40X8226 Stapler spring with string
10 40X8218 Standard output bin LED
11 40X8219 Sensor (finisher bin media present)
12 40X8211 Tamper motor (left)
13 40X8211 Tamper motor (right)
14 40X8210 Media stack flap (left)

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