Lexmark C772n Parts Catalog page 49 from 49

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
NS 40X1508 128MB SDRAM card assembly
NS 40X1509 256MB SDRAM card assembly
NS 40X1510 512MB SDRAM card assembly
NS 40X1454 32MB Flash DIMM card assembly
NS 40X1455 64MB Flash DIMM card assembly
NS 40X1514 Traditional Chinese font DIMM card assembly
NS 40X1513 Simplified Chinese font DIMM card assembly
NS 40X1512 Japanese font card assembly
NS 40X1515 Korean font card assembly card assembly
NS 40X0290 RS-232 serial interface card
NS 40X3522 IPDS/SCS card assembly1xx/3xx only
NS 40X4743 IPDS/SCS card assembly2xx/4xx only
NS 40X3521 Bar code card assembly1xx/3xx only
NS 40X4741 Bar code card assembly2xx/4xx only
NS 40X3523 Lexmark Forms card assembly1xx/3xx only
NS 40X4742 Lexmark Forms card assembly2xx/4xx only
NS 40X3524 PrintCryption card assembly1xx/3xx only
NS 40X4744 PrintCryption card assembly2xx/4xx only
NS 40X4754 PRESCRIBE card assembly2xx/4xx only
NS 40X0291 Adapter, parallel 1284-B
NS 40X2610 Hard Disk, 40GB with/adapter (formatted)
NS 40X1592 MarkNet N7020e ENA adapter
NS 40X1593 MarkNet N7000e ENA adapter
NS 40X1594 MarkNet N7000e ENA adapter (requires parallel)
NS 40X1376 MarkNet N8020 Gigabit Ethernet adapter
NS 40X1377 MarkNet N8030 Fiber Ethernet adapter
NS 40X1378 MarkNet N8050 wireless print server, 802.11g, U.S.
NS 40X1562 MarkNet 8050 wireless print server, 802.11g, non-U.S.
NS Screw type 323, parts packet, 40X1633
NS Screw type 324, parts packet, 40X1635
NS Screw type 232, parts packet, 40X1676
NS Screw type 102, parts packet, 40X1639
NS Screw type 312/322/412/423, parts packet, 40X1691
NS Screw type 484, parts packet, 40X1632
NS Screw, 500-sheet tray, parts packet, 40X1665
NS Screw type 121, parts packet, 40X1780
NS 7371549 Relocation package kit assemblyprinter
NS 7370563 Relocation package kit assemblyoutput expander
NS 7370564 Relocation package kit assembly5-bin mailbox
NS 7370565 Relocation package kit assembly500 drawer
NS 7370566 Relocation package kit assemblyduplex

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