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High-capacity input tray (HCIT) 2
High-capacity input tray (HCIT) 2
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X2145 Rear cover
2 40X2143 Right side cover
3 40X2092 Caster, movable
4 Screw type 312/322/412/423, parts packet, 40X1691
5 40X2094 F adjuster
6 40X2141 Front cover
7 40X2142 Cover, main CA
8 40X2093 Caster, fixed
9 40X2144 Left side cover
10 40X2146 Upper left side jam cover
11 40X2100 Locating pin, options front right
12 40X2099 Locating pin, options rear left
13 40X2106 Options autoconnect cable assembly
14 40X2109 Options cable mounting plate
NS 40X2101 Feed unit special sensors cable
NS 40X2102 Feed unit sensors cable
NS 40X2104 Elevator motor cable
NS 40X2107 Magnetic latch
NS 40X2130 Tray present lever
NS 40X2132 Cable clamp
NS 40X2140 Stabilizer kit with mounting screws

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