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High-capacity input tray (HCIT)
High-capacity input tray (HCIT)
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X2137 Paper size sensor box assembly
2 40X2111 Flag, paper size F
3 40X2112 Flag, paper size C
4 40X2110 Flag, paper size R
5 40X2113 Spring, paper size flag
6 40X2108 Sensor, photo interrupter
7 40X2103 Paper size sensors cable
8 40X2095 System control board
9 Screw type 312/322/412/423, parts packet, 40X1691
10 40X2096 LVPS
11 40X2105 Elevator motor assembly
12 40X2097 AC power outlet
13 40X2098 AC power inlet
14 40X2091 AC power cord jumper
15 40X2115 Paper tray guide
16 40X2134 Elevator lift belt
17 40X2136 Elevator lift
18 40X2139 Ring 7, elevator lift gear/elevator lift
19 40X2135 Elevator lift gear
20 40X2114 Paper tray arms
21 40X2116 Feed unit, complete assembly
22 40X2118 Bushing
23 40X2124 Front feed unit spring
24 40X2125 Rear feed unit spring
25 40X2138 Feed cover
26 40X2131 Separation/torque roller
27 40X2120 Feed cam
28 E-clips, parts packet, 40X2122
29 40X2119 Feed roller
30 40X2121 Feed unit spring
31 40X2123 060 bushing
32 40X2133 Emitter timing wheel
33 40X2126 Plastic 5W clip
34 40X2117 Special optical sensors
35 40X2127 Level sensor flag
36 40X2129 Extension spring
37 40X2128 Near empty sensor flag
NS 40X2090 HCIT option

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