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Duplex option 2
Duplex option 2
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X1934 Duplex support plate
2 40X1938 Autoconnect cable assembly
3 40X1939 DC forward/reverse motor assembly
4 40X1940 DC duplex feed motor
5 Screw type 323, parts packet, 40X1633
6 40X1648 Cable tie (6 in pack)
7 40X1937 Back support
8 40X1922 Duplex card assembly
9 40X1958 Transfer belt
10 40X1960 Right jam clearance tray assembly
11 40X1969 C-clip retainer
12 40X1953 Aligner spring
13 40X1967 Paper guide assembly
14 40X1941 Drive alignment shaft assembly
15 40X1952 Reduction gear shaft
16 40X1931 Right backup spring assembly
17 40X1968 Drive gear
18 40X1932 Left backup spring assembly
19 40X1962 Upper rib assembly
20 40X1925 Duplex input sensor
21 Screw type 324, parts packet 440X1635

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