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500-Sheet drawer option 2
500-Sheet drawer option 2
Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X1901 Drive assembly, 500 option 2
2 Screw type 323, parts packet, 40X1633
3 40X1910 500-Sheet option tray pick assembly
4 40X1898 Paper level sensing assembly
5 40X1938 Autoconnect cable assembly
6 40X1648 Cable tie (6 in a pack)
7 40X1908 Frame cover
8 40X1730 Tray interlock bellcrank
9 40X1891 Pass thru sensor
10 40X1896 Hinge
11 40X1894 Electronics/size sensing assembly with system board
12 40X1741 Pick arm lift bellcrank
13 40X1899 Media size sensing assembly
14 40X1734 Bellcrank lift spring
15 40X1907 500-Sheet base assembly
16 40X1601 Machine pad
17 40X1903 Plate, 500-Sheet support assembly
18 40X1909 Paper guide
19 40X1897 Wall support plate
20 40X1911 Base door assembly
21 40X1895 500-sheet option spring
22 40X1913 500-Sheet option deflector
23 40X1765 Pick roll tires (2 per pack)
NS 40X1671 Cable tie (6 in pack)

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