Lexmark C772n Parts Catalog page 1 from 49

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X1628 Top cover assembly Also order cable tie parts packet (P/N 40X1648)
2 40X1631 250 output flag and retainer
3 40X1637 Top autoconnect and output bin sensor1xx/3xx only
3 40X1777 Top autoconnect and output bin sensor2xx/4xx
4 40X1638 Redrive cap cover assembly
5 40X1601 Machine pad
6 40X1602 Top front support bracket
7 40X1622 Right rear cover
8 Screw type 324, parts packet (40X1635)
9 40X1620 Right front cover
10 Screw type 323, parts packet (40X1633)
11 40X1634 Lower right door assembly
12 40X1605 Front right light shield
13 40X1615 Front cover rear pivot cover
14 40X1607 Front cover backplate assembly
15 40X1608 Detent link spring
16 40X1672 Bellcrank detent bearing
17 40X1636 Rear hold down spring
18 40X1610 Front hold down bellcrank
19 40X1609 Detent link
20 40X1623 Front access door handle
21 40X1614 Front cover
22 40X1626 Operator panel assembly
23 40X1625 Operator panel bezel with overlays1xx only
23 40X1822 Operator panel bezel with overlays2xx only
23 40X1624 Operator panel bezel with overlays3xx only
23 40X1821 Operator panel bezel with overlays4xx only
24 40X1627 Clear LCD lens
25 40X1621 Front lower right cover
26 40X1629 Front right handle cover assembly
27 40X1768 Reference edge nip release strap
28 40X1619 Paper path access door
29 40X1603 Paper path access door spring
30 40X1618 Front lower left cover
31 40X1630 Front left handle cover assembly
32 40X1604 Left front light shield cover
33 40X1606 Paper tray guide
34 40X1612 Detent bellcrank
35 40X1613 Bellcrank detent spring
36 40X1611 Front access door support
37 40X1616 Top paper jam label3xx/4xx only
37 40X1617 Top paper jam label1xx/2xx only

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