Lexmark C734n Parts Catalog page 1 from 10

Ref. Parts Code Description Remark
1 40X5114 Top access cover assembly
2 40X5120 Operator panel buttons parts package
3 40X5121 Bin full sensor with cable
4 40X5117 Operator panel assembly, with card
5 40X5118 Top access cover parts package
6 40X5106 Output bin extension cover
7 40X5099 Top cover assembly
8 40X5103 Rear upper cover
9 40X5145 Rear frame cover
10 40X5287 Cooling fan filter
11 40X5105 Rear right cover
12 40X5153 Dust cover assembly
13 40X5104 Rear left cover
14 40X5101 Right cover
15 40X5110 Front access door cover assembly
16 40X5102 Left cover
17 40X5119 Top access cover links (slider cam)
18 40X5115 Operator panel bezel, 230, 280
18 40X5116 Operator panel bezel, 430
18 40X5286 Operator panel bezel, 439
18 40X5150 Operator panel bezel, 410
18 40X5151 Operator panel bezel, 210

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