Epson AcuLaser C8500 Error Codes




2nd BTR malfunction


1 • Initial checking: Is there any parts of wrong specifications used, improper mounting, damage, distortion, dirt, or adherence of foreign matter? • Major parts to be checked: 2ND BTR, BTR CAM CLUTCH, MCU PWB TRANSFER HIGH ASSY Replace or reinstall the relevant part. Go to step 2 2 • Checking whether the problem lies in engine or controller: Can a test print (single sheet / consecutive printing, about 10 sheets each) be performed normally with the engine alone? Check the Printer Controller. (If an error still occurs after replacing, go to step 3.)] Go to step 3 3 • Checking retraction During the test printing, does the 2ND BTR ASSY retract? • Check the operation of the BTR CAM CLUTCH from the rear side. Go to step 9 • With the tool: Go to step 4 • Without the tool: Go to step 5 4 • Checking the BTR CAM CLUTCH: Does the BTR CAM CLUTCH function correctly? . By using the diagnostics commander, check by Digital Output Test device code "27". Go to step 9 Go to FIP-2.22 “Faulty BTR CAM CLUTCH” 5 • Checking the installation of BTR CAM CLUTCH: Has the BTR CAM CLUTCH been installed properly? Go to step 6 Reinstall the BTR CAM CLUTCH 6 • Checking the shape of BTR CAM ASSY: Is the BTR CAM ASSY bent or deformed? Replace the 2ND BTR CAM ASSY Go to step 7 7 • Checking the installation of 2ND BTR ASSY: Has the 2ND BTR ASSY been installed properly? Go to step 8 Reinstall the 2ND BTR ASSY 8 • Checking the installation of TRANSFER ASSY: Has the TRANFER ASSY been installed properly? Go to step 9 Reinstall the TRANSFER ASSY 9 • Replacing the MCU PWB and Performing Checks: Replace the MCU PWB. Is the problem solved? Problem solved Go to FIP-2.32 “Faulty LV/HV POWER SUPPLY”