Canon iR3300 Error Codes

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The main thermistor reading is lower than 140C when paper is moved


The fixing film unit is faulty (i.e., the main thermistor (TH1) has poor contact or has an open circuit; or, the fixing heater is faulty). The main power supply PCB is faulty. The DC controller PCB is faulty. Caution To clear the error, execute the following in service mode: COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR.


1. State Turn on the power switch, and clear E002/E003. Thereafter, turn off and then on the power switch. Does the fixing heater operate? NO: See “The fixing heater fails to operate.” 2. Wiring Is the wiring from the DC controller PCB to the fixing film unit normal? NO: Correct the wiring. 3. Fixing film unit, DC controller PCB Try replacing the fixing film unit. Is the problem corrected? YES: End. NO: Replace the DC controller PCB.